Who Have We Done It For?

Independent Fiduciary ConsultantsSM, a division of Carosa Stanton Asset Management, provides an exclusive fiduciary consulting service to 401k plan trustees and fiduciaries who seek to reduce their personal fiduciary liability. We work with many types of people and institutions. While our privacy policy prevents us from disclosing the names of our clients and prospects (per Federal law), we can provide references upon request and only after asking our clients for permission to disclose their names. In general, we can describe the types of clients who have taken advantage of the variety of unique services we offer. We created this division to provide a truly independent consulting service to 401k plans ranging from $5 million to $50 million (the average client size is roughly $6 million). This is an underserved market that still relies on bundled service providers that may contain either higher fee structures or hidden conflicts-of-interest. To guarantee true independence, all 401k plans that desire the benefits of Independent Fiduciary ConsultantsSM must sign an agreement that prevents the plan from hiring Carosa Stanton’s Privately Managed Portfolio services and prohibits the plan from investing in the Bullfinch Fund. Clients are most attracted to this service because it is independent, provides a formal Investment Policy Statement that incorporates the company’s mission statement (per ERISA), incorporates procedures consistent with compliance auditing purposes, formally documents the plan’s investment due diligence process, and provides semi-annual due-diligence reports. Finally, clients like the option we offer concerning the provision of trustee and employee education.